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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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31 augustus 2015 - 31 augustus 2016

8 items gevonden

01 september
Promotie ir. K. Dinkla (W&I)
“Visualization of Modular Structures in Biological Networks” Promotor(en): J.J. van...
03 september
Promotie ir. C. Tamiello (BMT)
“Biophysical regulation of actin cytoskeleton remodeling in adherent cells” Promotor(en):...
10 september
Promotie A. Heinrich MSc (EE)
“Advances in video motion analysis research for mature and emerging application areas” ...
14 september
Promotie L.C.T. de Valk MSc (ID)
“Designing for Open-ended Play” Promotor(en): J.H. Eggen en prof.dr. B.A.M....
15 september
Promotie J. Li MSc (IE & IS)
“New Channel Introduction and Customer Touchpoint Experience in aMultichannel Environment” ...
21 september
Promotie D. Yang MSc (B)
“Effects of Energy Price Increases on Individual Activity-Travel Repertoires and Energy...
22 september
Promotie A. Franceschetti MSc (IE & IS)
“Sustainable City LogisticsFleet planning, routing and scheduling problems” Promotor(en):...
15 oktober
Promotie V. Paunovic MSc (ST)
“Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a wall-coated capillary microreactor” Promotor(en):...

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