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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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24 november 2014 - 24 november 2015

39 items gevonden

24 november
Promotie ir. J.M. Schellekens (EE)
“A class of robust switched-mode power amplifiers with highly linear transfer characteristics On...
25 november
Promotie S. Abdinia MSc (EE)
“Circuit design in complementary organic technologies” Promotor(en): A.H.M. van...
25 november
Promotie M. Felicetti MSc (EE)
“Polarization converter post-processing and Brillouin sensing optical functionality in generically...
26 november
Promotie S. Bordihn MSc (TN)
“Surface Passivation by Al2O3-based Film Stacks for Si Solar Cells” Promotor(en):
26 november
Promotie P. da Silva Leitão Gomes Sanches MSc (BMT)
“Molecular imaging as a tool in drug delivery, oncology and regenerative medicine” Promotor(en):...
26 november
Promotie ir. R.J. Lancee (ST)
“Characterization and Reactivity of Olivine and Model Catalysts for Biomass...
26 november
Promotie ir. S. Kouijzer (ST)
“Photoactive and interface layers in polymer solar cells” Promotor(en): R.A.J. Janssen...
27 november
Promotie M.A.M. Althuluth MSc (ST)
“Natural Gas Sweetening Using Ionic Liquid” Promotor(en): C.J. Peters en
27 november
Promotie D. She MSc (EE)
“Energy Efficient Code Generation for Streaming Applications” Promotor(en): prof.dr. H....
01 december
Promotie M. Poluektov MSc (W)
“Micromechanical Modelling of the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Semicrystalline...

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