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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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27 november 2014 - 27 november 2015

42 items gevonden

27 november
Promotie M.A.M. Althuluth MSc (ST)
“Natural Gas Sweetening Using Ionic Liquid” Promotor(en): C.J. Peters en
27 november
Promotie D. She MSc (EE)
“Energy Efficient Code Generation for Streaming Applications” Promotor(en): prof.dr. H....
01 december
Promotie M. Poluektov MSc (W)
“Micromechanical Modelling of the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Semicrystalline...
01 december
Promotie S. Ghazanfari MSc (BMT)
“Collagen orientation evolution in native and engineered cardiovascular tissues” Promotor(en):...
01 december
Promotie H. Tavassoli Estahbanati MSc (ST)
“Direct numerical simulation of dense gas-solid non-isothermal flows” Promotor(en):
02 december
Promotie P. Kochkin MSc (EE)
“Understanding Lightning: Experiments on meter long discharges and their x-rays” Promotor(en):...
02 december
Promotie Z. Fahimi MSc (W)
“Structure and Mechanics of Physically Cross-Linked Hydrogels” Promotor(en): P.D....
03 december
Promotie S.T. Stopinski MSc (EE)
“InP-based photonic integrated circuits for high-speed data readout systems” Promotor(en):...
03 december
Promotie N.C.A. Leick - Marius MSc (TN)
“Atomic Layer Deposition of Ruthenium Films Properties and Surface Reactions” Promotor(en):...
04 december
Promotie ir. C.H.M. Baltis (W)
“Nucleate boiling bubble mechanics in forced convection” Promotor(en): J.J.H. Brouwers...

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