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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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24 april 2014 - 24 april 2015

30 items gevonden

28 april
Promotie Dipl.-Ing. W. Schmidt (B)
“Design Concepts for the Robustness Improvement of Self-Compacting...
28 april
Promotie H.L. Romero MSc (IE & IS)
“The Role of Contextual Factors in Process Harmonization” Promotor(en): P.W.P.J....
29 april
Promotie Dipl.Eng. M.V.A. Florea (B)
“Secondary materials applied in cement-based products      ...
29 april
Promotie D. Dzibrou MSc (EE)
“Building blocks for control of polarization in photonic integrated circuits” Promotor(en):...
29 april
Promotie V.F.C. Ramos MSc (W&I)
“Adaptive Hypermedia Courses: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation and Tool...
30 april
Promotie ir. C. Nugteren (EE)
“Improving the Programmability of GPU Architectures” Promotor(en): prof.dr. H. Corporaal en...
06 mei
Promotie E. Aparicio Medrano MSc (TN)
“Physical Aspects Explaining Cyanobacteria Scum Formation in Natural Systems” Promotor(en):...
07 mei
Promotie S. Srivastava MSc (TN)
“Lattice Boltzmann method for contact line dynamics” Promotor(en): prof.dr. F. Toschi en prof.dr....
08 mei
Promotie H. Chen MSc (EE)
“Optical Devices and Subsystems for Few- and Multi-mode Fiber based Networks” Promotor(en):...
08 mei
Promotie M. Hammer MSc (EE)
“High-Dynamic-Range Displays Contributions to Signal Processing and Backlight Control” ...

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