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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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30 januari 2015 - 30 januari 2016

22 items gevonden

05 februari
Promotie B.G.B. Hunnekens MSc (W)
“Performance optimization of hybrid controllers for linear motion systems” Promotor(en): prof.dr....
05 februari
Promotie ir. P.R.M. van Beers (W)
“Multiscale modelling of grain boundary...
09 februari
Promotie ir. Q. Zhu (IE & IS)
“Maintenance Optimization for Multi-component Systems under Condition Monitoring” Promotor(en):...
10 februari
Promotie C.A. Lopez Martinez MSc (W)
“A Model-based Robust Control Approach for Bilateral Teleoperation Systems” Promotor(en):...
11 februari
Promotie M. Cox MSc (TN)
“Magnetism and Molecular MaterialsInvestigating magnetic field effects in organic semiconductors” ...
12 februari
Promotie Lic. D.M. Pérez Ferrandez (ST)
“Alternatives for the Production of Propene Oxide” Promotor(en): J.C....
17 februari
Promotie J.-P.L. Dorsman MSc (W&I)
“Layered Queueing Networks Performance Modelling, Analysis and Optimisation” Promotor(en):...
19 februari
Promotie R.P.M. Moonen MSc (BMT)
“Quantitative molecular MRI of atherosclerosis” Promotor(en): prof.dr. K. Nicolay en prof.dr....
23 februari
Promotie S.S. Shirsath MSc (ST)
“Granular Flows Down Inclined Rotating ChutesExperimental and Simulation Studies” Promotor(en):...
23 februari
Promotie I. Monnaie MSc (ST)
“Structure Creation of P3HT in Solution” Promotor(en): prof.dr. E.L.F. Nies en prof.dr. G. de...

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