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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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01 maart 2015 - 01 maart 2016

36 items gevonden

02 maart
Promotie ir. R.J.M. Theunissen (W)
“Supervisory Control in Health Care Systems” Promotor(en): J.E. Rooda en
02 maart
Promotie A.G. Sinitsyn MSc (W&I)
“Personal Content Management in Ambient Intelligent Environments” Promotor(en): prof.dr. J.J....
03 maart
Promotie D. Jain MSc (ST)
“Cutting BubblesDiscrete Bubble Modeling of a Micro-structured Bubble Column” Promotor(en):...
03 maart
Promotie ir. K.M.P. van Eeten (ST)
“Hydrodynamics of rotating multiphase flows” Promotor(en): J.C. Schouten en...
04 maart
Promotie T.V. Bui MSc PDEng (W&I)
“A Software Architecture for Body Area Sensor Networks: Flexibility and...
10 maart
Promotie ir. J.W. Weber (TN)
“Graphene An optical diagnostic study” Promotor(en): M.C.M. van de Sanden en...
11 maart
Promotie R.A.L.F. van Griethuijsen MSc (ESoE)
“Relationships between students' interest in science, views of science and science teaching in...
12 maart
Promotie Diplm.-Math. M. Roth (W&I)
“Analysis of trends in extreme rainfallA regional approach” Promotor(en): prof.dr. J.H. van Zanten...
16 maart
Promotie ir. I.A.W. Filot (ST)
“Quantum Chemical and Microkinetic Modeling of the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction” Promotor(en):...
16 maart
Promotie Y. Luo MSc (W&I)
“Designing algorithms for big graph datasets:A study of computing bisimulation and...

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