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Agenda Promoties en Plechtigheden

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28 maart 2015 - 28 maart 2016

37 items gevonden

30 maart
Promotie M. Mesta MSc (TN)
“Molecular-scale simulation of electronic processes in organic white light-emitting and...
30 maart
Promotie A.G.A. Mohamed (BMT)
“Accelerating Cardiovascular MRI” Promotor(en): prof.dr. K. Nicolay en prof.dr. L.M.J. Florack...
31 maart
Promotie E. Costante MSc (W&I)
“Privacy throughout the Data Cycle” Promotor(en): prof.dr. M. Petkovic en prof.dr. S....
31 maart
Promotie Y. Li MSc (EE)
“Extended Functionality of On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring Equipment for Medium-Voltage Power...
31 maart
Promotie T.T.T. Vu MSc (TN)
“Nanowire Photoluminescence for Photovoltaics” Promotor(en): prof.dr. E.P.A.M. Bakkers en...
07 april
Promotie ir. J. van Beeck (W)
“Deformation-induced interface roughening and failure in polymer-coated steels” Promotor(en):...
07 april
Promotie A. Ravetto MSc (BMT)
“Microfluidic devices for mechanical characterization and manipulation of monocytes” ...
08 april
Promotie ir. E.H. Boymans (ST)
“Pd and Pt Nanoparticles as Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts” Promotor(en): prof.dr. D....
09 april
Promotie ir. R. van der Weegen (ST)
“Multicomponent Supramolecular Systems” Promotor(en): prof.dr. E.W. MeijerVoorzitter:
14 april
Promotie ir. C.M.A. Leenders (ST)
“Benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide-based supramolecular polymers in water” Promotor(en): prof.dr. E.W....

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