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The TU/e is working on a modern, green campus Science Park, where students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, can meet each other and work together in an attractive surrounding: studying, living, working and entrepreneurship in the Green. Due to the construction of the TU/e Science Park (which will be ready in 2020) and events organized in the aforementioned area, certain locations sometimes may be less accessible.

Whenever areas at the TU/e Science Park are less accessible, we will list the locations and dates on this page.

See a film about campus under construction.

Park Hilaria: TU/e entrance at J.F.Kennedylaan closed from July 25 until August 13, 2014

Because of the construction of Park Hilaria, the TU/e entrance at J.F.Kennedylaan and the new bicycle path over the Dommel, direction “Koeveld” (in front of Vertigo building) will be closed from Friday July 25, 08:00 hrs until Wednesday August 13, 18:00 hrs. Park Hilaria will be open from August 1 until 10.
The Eindhoven council will be responsible for the placing of information and diversion signs.

The entrance to the TU/e-campus for all vehicles will be the Insulindelaan and the Dorgelolaan.
Kennispoort will still be accessible via the Fellenoord - J.F.Kennedylaan.

Cyclists coming from the direction of Woensel can follow the diversion signs and enter the TU/e-campus via the Sport centre.
Access to the TU/e-campus for cyclists who come from direction the city centre, is via the entrance at the Dorgelolaan.

Closure part of De Wielen because of new walkways

As from September 1, 2014, the new walkways between the new Flux building and Gemini building will be realized. In the realization period no traffic can use a part of De Wielen (see drawing). All the traffic will be detoured. The exact date follows as soon as possible.

As of 15 July 2014, the demolition of the walkways to Cascade has started.

The walkways to Cyclotron building will be demolished before the construction workers holiday.

Parking site behind Traverse building limited available

From Saturday 21 June until Friday 25 July, construction activities will take place on the parking sites behind Traverse building and the roads De Lismortel / het Eeuwsel.

On Saturday 21 June,  a number of trees will be digged up on the parking place behind Traverse building. Please do not use this parking site on this date.

The construction activities will be indicated at the location.

Closure part of Lismortel and less parking sites behind Traverse

June 2014 the preparatory work for the new students tower Vestide will start. A part of the road Lismortel will be closed as of July and a new road will be constructed over the current parking site behind Traverse building. A number of parking sites will be lapsed. At the end of July the new link road will be ready. 

Temporary parking spaces are being created to compensate, on the following locations:

  • Laplace building: site in front and along the road Laplace, direction Corona building;
  • Site between Connector building, IPO building and Paviljoen building.

You might be affected by the (construction) activities, we will do our best to minimize the nuisance.

See a drawing of the building area and alternative parking lots.