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Dom Hans van der Laan

'Mens Agitat Molem'

Original design: Dom Hans van der Laan
Realization: Ing. Hans Kalkhoven.

Location: Entrance TU/e grounds from Kennedylaan  

The text 'Mens Agitat Molem', which means 'The mind brings matter into motion', is the motto of the TU/e. The text can also be seen in the Pavilion, the first building that was realized on the campus. In 1986 this plaque at Kennedylaan was made, under the guidance of ing. Hans Kalkhoven. He also realized the 'Ring of Möbius' that was placed alongside it.

The Benedictine monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan has designed the letters and this design was used also for the 'Alphabet' that hangs in the Dorgelozaaal (in the Traverse building).

The whole, the letters and the Ring of Möbius, is a gift from Philips upon the 30th anniversary of the TU/e.

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