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  • A new Learning Management System: collecting wishes and demands

    Published on: July 02 2015

    After a short break the project in which TU/e searches for a Learning Management System (LMS), has been restarted. An LMS offers digital support to the educational process. For example, students can use an LMS to hand in their work and receive feedback, to discuss different topics online, lectures can be enriched with tests and quizzes and the system enables the use of video-classes. The project is right on schedule, in the current stage a public tender is being prepared. An important part of...Read more

  • New round B-Riders

    Published on: July 02 2015

    Employees can subscribe for B-Riders 2015. What is new about this is that everybody who cycles to work, whether on an e-bike or an ordinary bike, can save up points. If you switch from car to bike, you will earn points as well as money. Points can be exchanged for discounts, presents and opportunities. The new app enables you to cycle with a personal coach. Your cycling behavior is shown in a graph and the routes you cover are visible on the map. More information can be found on...Read more


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